Design - To ensure that the best results are achieved, we employ our own in-house design teams to produce the most efficient design solution.
Manufacture - Manufacturing is carried out by our skilled labour force, based at our factory in Mussafah.
Installation - Erection is completed by our own skilled and qualified on-site erection teams.


  • Wall systems

    Combined with our precast concrete floors and precast concrete Stairs, the fast track precast walling system provides a robust build method embracing the ethos of modern methods of construction. TCP also provides creative freedom for architects, designers and specifiers by increasing the available choices of decorative and creative architectural finishes that are limited only by the imagination.
  • Hollowcore pre-stressed flooring

    TCP precast concrete floors and roof slabs comprise hollow and solid concrete flooring units, nominally 1200mm wide and of various depths placed side by side with a grouted joint. Precast concrete floors provide our customers with a quick form of flooring construction, enabling the principal contractor to progress in most cases to the next level of construction within a day of the precast concrete flooring units being installed, saving time and money.
  • Staircases

    TCP offer stairways to suit most combinations of architectural design, providing designers with greater opportunity to express themselves. The system of production enables components, selected from the common range, to be provided most economically and special requirements can be accommodated to suit the individual needs of the designer. The off-site manufacturing process used to create these units eliminates the need for complex on-site shuttering, site-poured concrete and the potential for delays. Lifting points are cast into the stair units during manufacture to make on-site placing safe, quick and easy.
  • Beams

    TCP has extensive experience in precast beam manufacturing of both full and half beams for many small and large projects including high-rise buildings, residential dwellings and commercial constructions. As a common component to most building developments TCP beams have provided fast foundation construction, and structural spans from column to column. They work together with TCP columns to provide a strong and stable skeletal structure capable of supporting multi level concrete floors and the securing of precast wall panels
  • Columns

    Precast columns produced by TCP provide vertical height and structural support to many modern multilevel developments. taking heavy loadings and providing solid and steady foundations to precast beams, rib beams, floorings and walls.
  • Boundary Walls

    Our scope of work is to design, produce and erect precast boundary walls which are manufactured in a controlled factory environment. Our boundary walls offer a wide variety of designs and finishes and are fast to construct.
  • Custom precast components

    Town centre precast planter boxes, outside table and bench seats, heavy duty divider blocks and car park barriers are a few of the customised precast units TCP has manufactured. Custom precast components are so diversified and variable that it often takes a professional skill learned knowledge and in some occasions special dedicated mouldings to fabricated intricate and highly detailed custom components. With TCP - anything is possible!
  • Manholes

    All manhole barrels for sanitary and storm sewer works are manufactured in accordance to the highest specifications. Manhole lids are also available.

“Modern, state-of-the-art facilities are used to manufacture high quality precast system…”